Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Saran Wrap Nails

Hey everyone, I will be posting 2 blog posts tonight.

 The first one is of the mani I had on yesterday & a surprise photo at the end =) For this mani I put down a base of Sinful Colors White on White, I then took a balled up piece of saran wrap and my water color pallet. I wet the pink, blue, and purples and began o lightly 'sponge' the colors on individually with the saran wrap. I then took Sinful Colors Crystal Clear which is a clear base with silver holo diamonds, small holo glitters, and iridescent bar glitter.

 The out come was this...

This was very simple, dried very fast.  Nothing to flashy or spectacular.

Now on to the surprise post. 
I had my 4 year old step daughter over the weekend, she absolutely adores her nails done.  I attempted a water marble on her itty bitty nails lol.. 

Here is how they turned out. 

This was Pink & Purple from LA Girls, I apologize that I don't recall the exact names and that the image is blurry.. Try getting a 4 year old to sit still as long as this one had to.. lol.. 
I'll never torture myself like that again.. =)

Have a great evening gals..