Thursday, April 10, 2014

Never - Ending Pile Challenge - Pastels

Hey everyone.. Long time no see..
I just really wasn't in the mood for blogging.
Seems as if my followers have plateaued & it all seemed  mundane and boring to me. 
My schedule is very sporadic and all of the place. 
I am going to try to do a few categories from the Glittah Pirates Facebook challenge " Never-Ending Pile"
It's where you try to use untried polishes that you have in your stash, & out of 1366 polishes, you damn well know I have untrieds lol..

So anyway on to this weeks theme which is PASTELS.
I think I cheated for this because I only just received the one. 
Ok so.. I have here Doctor Lacquer "Fasion (Mg)azine" & on my freehand bunny accent nail I have Julep "Marie".
"Fashion (Mg)azine is a milky crelly with all kinds of pastel glitter in it.  "Marie" is in Julep's collection of Candy Glazes.,, IDK WTH they are, but it is almost like a jelly IMO a pastel pinky-purple. 
Each is 2 coats over a white base color.

The freehand bunny is from a tutorial from JauntyJuli found HERE & is done with Black & White acrylic paints, a dotting took, and a detail brush . I just love her tutorials. 

 JauntyJuli added grass.. I forgot the grass =(

Bottle shot of "Fashion (Mg)azine"

Please check out everyone elses PASTEL manicures below..

Thank you. 

Doctor Lacquer on ETSY
Doctor Lacquer on STORE ENVY
Doctor Lacquer on FACEBOOK
Doctor Lacquer on INSTAGRAM

Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Indigo Bananas - Moonlight ( Clair de lune )

Good evening all..

Today I have such a very special polish. This polish just makes me swoon.
I am not a huge grey or silver person at all, but this polish was love at first sight and with that being said.. Photographs do no justice to this beauty.
Let's get on to it shall we..

"Moonlight" is a super shiny, real silver flakie polish.
It has purple, black, and holographic glitter.
My photos show 1 coat of top coat, but none is needed.
 I layered this over a silver based polish NYC "Silver Glitz"
2 thin coats.

Look at how amazingly shiny this is.. I am in love.

As an accent on my ring finger I used Kleancolor "Metallic Sapphire" ( This is a stainer )
Beautiful regardless.  It seems that once I put top coat on it almost leaned towards purple in some spots.  It's another beauty.

In this photo you can slightly see the holo. It is as if you just put China Glaze "Fairy Dust" over top of it.  It's just a subtle hint.

Bottle shot. 

If you're interested in purchasing from Indigo Bananas you can head on over to their Etsy shop HERE

I am sure you will find something that is to your liking.. 
Indigo Bananas was also just featured in this months Nail It magazine.

Thanks all for reading.
Have a great night. 

Monday, March 03, 2014

More Teasers..

 I have all these photos that I uploaded from past manis that I have not had a chance to post until today..

So.. Here are a few.

Cameo Colours "You're Sapphired!" and Julep "Winter"

Close up of Cameo Colours "You're Sapphired!"  
So much holo in this.

Cameo Colours "You're Sapphired!" with silver accents. And a hand drawn wolf over Julep "Winter"

Close up of the wolf.  I love Wolves,

Cameo Colours "The Glass Slippers"

Cameo Colours "The Glass Slippers" With Cameo Colours "Right Round"

Candied Luster "H-BlueO" thermal

Candied Luster "H-BlueO" thermal

Super Nails "Frosty Melted"

Super Nails "Frosty Melted"

 JENsations "Turn off the Lights"

 JENsations "Turn off the Lights"

Once again...
All these polishes can be found at..
Cameo Colours --
Candied Lustre --
Super Nails --
JENsations --

Thank you all for reading...

Samples =)

Here are a few swatches I did a few days ago of some nail mail I received.. 

Polish Yer Hooves "Clover"

Polish Yer Hooves " Don't it make your Cow's Eyes Blue?" with flash

Polish Yer Hooves " Don't it make your Cow's Eyes Blue?" normal lighting

6Harts Lacquer "Secret Galaxy" over black creme`

My-Stash Lacquer " Cereal Milk"

My-Stash Lacquer "Copper Thief"

Spy Princess "File No. 8"

Spy Princess "High Society"

Here is where you can find all these lovely polishes...

Polish Yer Hooves --
** All polishes are 5$ right now. **
6Harts Lacquer --
My-Stash Lacquer --
Spy Princess --

Hope you all enjoyed this little snippet of what will be to come in the future..

Thanks for reading 

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Polish Junkie

**** Disclosure ****
The polishes in this post have been provided to me for my honest review.
The opinions are that of my own & I have not been paid for them.
Now I have a polish called "Diamond Water" from Polish Junkie..
You can find Polish Junkie  HERE

You can see why it was name "Diamond Water"
It is a blue shimmer base with holographic diamonds.
This is a bit thin, but I had no issues with it. 

Ok.. First images show 2 thin coats over WnW 'Black Creme`'
I love bright blue glitter over black.
This also had no top coat.

This photo is of 'Diamond Water' over bare pinky & pointer fingers - 2 coats
WnW 'French White' on ring finger
& Sally Hansen Complete Salon "Blue My Mind' on middle finger. 
 A closer view
 And the infamous bottle shot =)

Thank you all for staying with me and reading this..

Again you can check Polish Junkie out HERE 
Polish Junkie polish is $9.00 per bottle.
Or here on FACEBOOK

Thanks for reading..


Alchemy Lacquers

**** Disclosure ****
The polishes in this post have been provided to me for my honest review.
The opinions are that of my own & I have not been paid for them.

Today I have for you 2 colors from Alchemy Lacquers.  You can find their Etsy shop HERE 

2 Beautiful colors. 
First up is "Trillium"
A maroon jelly duo. Has gold,, pink, and yellow flecks to it.
It had great application. 2 coats is seen here. 
Isn't she a beauty?


 Next up is "Juniper"
A blackened bluish green jelly duo with a purple shift.
Once again, the formula was great.  It went on flawlessly.
And this is also 2 coats.

 Here is a good ratio of color.

Please go check Alchemy Lacquers out.
They have some great colors to choose from.
Alchemy is a 5 free company that works in small batches and are all hand mixed & made to order.
$8.50 for a 13.2ml bottle. or $10.00 for their specialty polishes.
Feel free to follow Alchemy on FACEBOOK
& again the Etsy shop is located HERE

Thank you everyone for taking a peek here.. 
I hope you all follow me over to my next post which will be a review of a Polish Junkie polish called "Diamond Water"

Have a great day

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Past Manis

 Hey there everyone..
So I am doing something that I do quite frequently because it seems that I can never find the time to make separate blog posts.
 So,  I have 2 commercial lines to share with you today and one specialty that was made just for me =)

On to it, shall we.

First up we have Sally Girl 'Cocnut' & yes.. The name says it.  This has a wonderful coconut scent that is not to over powering and the color isn't to shabby either.
Application was smooth, my only complaint is that Sally Girl polishes only come in mini sizes.. I am not a huge fan of minis unless it is a color I just had to have and since I am a blue fanatic..  I had to have it. =)

I then decided to stamp pebbles or whatever design this is supposed to be.  I am a huge fan of brown and blue or brown and pink.. This was perfect for me.
I used Sinful Colors 'Nirvana' for the stamping and I believe it was a Cheeky plate. 
I then darkened random pebbles.

Next is a color I knew I had to have when I saw it swatched.  This is Color Club 'Williamsburg'
Such a deep dark blue.. Seems like it is a jelly to me.
I am in awe every time I look at these photos and naturally they do not do this color justice.

Look at all that beautifulness.

And now.. Last but not least.. This is a beautiful shot of a polish my friend Danielle created for me over at My Stash Lacquer.  We named this 'Stugots' after the paint work my husband had done to his truck.  The colors are the same. A black truck with crisp blue and purple lines.  It was to good of a match. I gave Danielle my color likes and glitter likes and she came up with this..
If you like this as much as I do, tell her.  Let's get her to market it =)
Application was a bit thick, but... it leveled out perfectly. What you see is 2 coats and top coat. 
I just love it. 
You can find My Stash Lacquer at her Facebook page linked above and purchase her beauties at her Etsy store HERE
If you like glitters, she is the gal to go visit.. She has glitter bombs like you would not believe.. 
St. Patrick's Day collection is there now too.. 

Thanks for reading..