Thursday, April 10, 2014

Never - Ending Pile Challenge - Pastels

Hey everyone.. Long time no see..
I just really wasn't in the mood for blogging.
Seems as if my followers have plateaued & it all seemed  mundane and boring to me. 
My schedule is very sporadic and all of the place. 
I am going to try to do a few categories from the Glittah Pirates Facebook challenge " Never-Ending Pile"
It's where you try to use untried polishes that you have in your stash, & out of 1366 polishes, you damn well know I have untrieds lol..

So anyway on to this weeks theme which is PASTELS.
I think I cheated for this because I only just received the one. 
Ok so.. I have here Doctor Lacquer "Fasion (Mg)azine" & on my freehand bunny accent nail I have Julep "Marie".
"Fashion (Mg)azine is a milky crelly with all kinds of pastel glitter in it.  "Marie" is in Julep's collection of Candy Glazes.,, IDK WTH they are, but it is almost like a jelly IMO a pastel pinky-purple. 
Each is 2 coats over a white base color.

The freehand bunny is from a tutorial from JauntyJuli found HERE & is done with Black & White acrylic paints, a dotting took, and a detail brush . I just love her tutorials. 

 JauntyJuli added grass.. I forgot the grass =(

Bottle shot of "Fashion (Mg)azine"

Please check out everyone elses PASTEL manicures below..

Thank you. 

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