Thursday, July 18, 2013

Holo Butterfly Wing Water Marble.

Hello guys,  tonight I did a water marble to mimic butterfly wings.  I was originally going to freehand the wings, but... I SUCK lol.  There fore, I needed to water marble them.

I used a base of LA Girls 3-d effect in 3-d silver.  Here are a few pictures before the marbling, these were all in direct sunlight.
It is a scattered/linear (lol) holographic in a clear base, so this is very sheer.  This was 3 coats. 

For the water marble I used Wet n Wilds Black Creme & Clear so that the base would show through.  Working with clear in a water marble is not a simple task.  Not for me anyway.  If anyone knows of a good clear to use in water marbles I would love the suggestions.  For the dots I just  used a dotting tool and neon acrylic paints. 

Right hand, direct sunlight. 

Left hand, direct sunlight. You can see where I kinda muffed up a bit lol

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Have a great evening everyone.