Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Nabi 3-D Rainbow Effect & striping.

Hey everyone.  As you can see I am back from vacation and I have a doozee of a mani to show you all.  It did not come out as perfectly as I wanted, but.. I am still pretty happy with the outcome.

I was having a hard time taking the striping tape off because I believe how warm it is outside, and even with the AC on, that extra added breeze probably didn't help, so I ended up needing to do a lot of touch up work.

I found that doing this design was easiest done with a dotting tool, or a few I should say and a acetone soaked cotton ball ;).

I absolutely love holographic polishes.. I really just think that they are the bees knees =D

So, here it is. I am going to do my best to give the colors out as well.

Ok, Left hand from thumb to pinky colors are as follows. Tawny, Ocean Blue,  L.Pink.  Winf (As labeled, I believe it should be Wine), Brone (Also as labeled, thinking they meant Bronze?), Gold. Dark Purple, Red, Green. On the accent nail is Color Club Harp On It & some fuscia rhinestones. Black, Silver (Which blended seamlessly into Harp On It), Rose.  Taken indoors under fluorescent lighting.

Right hand also from thumb to pinky.  Sky Blue, Hot Pink, Cinnahon (another misspell of Cinnamon I am guessing). Flamingo, Navy Blue, Lavender. Mocha, Fushia (another misspell, thank goodness they are so pretty, they can get away with it), Pefite Teal (Petite Teal?, you guessed it -- misspell). Again Color Club Harp On it as accent with the rhinestones.  Teal, Purple, & last but not least Black Berry (which looks a lot like Tawny). Taken indoors under fluorescent lighting.

Direct Sunlight. Left Hand.  How awesome is this? They are so sparkle-y.

Left hand, direct sunlight.

Right hand, direct sunlight. 

Right hand, direct sunlight. 

Eye candy. Color Club Harp On It. 

Color Club Harp On It.

Color Club Harp On It.

A collage of each nail individually. 

This was so fun to do. It didn't take to long either. I would imagine as I get more experienced in this, certain designs will take less and less.

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Have a great day everyone .. Stay cool..