Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Kimber's Mish Mash Challenge Week 1 - Purple

Good afternoon everyone.  Since starting this blog I had wanted to participate in a challenge but not a "You have to participate challenge" & not one that was every week, although Lord know I do my nails enough to be able to. Anyway, Kimber  from Kimber's Lacque Korner has some amazing challenges along with some other equally amazing ladies.
I will get right on to what I did, I hope you will check out the rest of the lovely ladies participating as well at the bottom of my post.  But first, if you'd like to follow what will be going on with this challeng, please check out the schedule below..

So now on to the challenge mani.
I did purple, on purple, on purple. =)
I used Sinful Colors - Lavander as my base color.  I then used a fan brush and applied one color at a time. I placed a small bit of each polish on a paper plate and just lightly put the tips of my fan brush into each color.  It only made sense to do all my nails with the first, & so on.  I also cleaned my brush in acetone every few strokes.
The first color was Pure Ice - No means No which is a dark purple metallic like with a bluish shift. I then went over it a second time with Color Club - Eternal Beauty. Color Club's beautiful holo purple. And then, as if the holo just wasn't enough I added a few strokes of Pure Ice - Cheatin to the mix.  
The outcome is what you see below.

Tried getting direct sunlight, but it is mostly cloudy today.

The sun managed to peek out long enough.

Under florescent lighting

Please make sure to check everyone else's Challenge Manis out today as well.