Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Mish Mash Challenge - HOLOGRAPHIC

Hey there everyone..
I hope you will all forgive my absence the past few days.
I missed last weeks challenge which was themed 'PINK', but for this weeks challenge I actually did 2, and the second one will make up for the missing post for last week =)
I hope you were all able to check out all the other challenger's PINK manis though.  There were definitely some beauties.  I know I enjoyed all of them.. Some talented, wonderful women are in this challenge with me and I am humbled that they allowed me the opportunity to participate along with them.

Anywhooo.. On to the first HOLOGRAPHIC mani.
This is Zoya Payton.
Excuse my nails, my hands have been through hell the past weeks.
This polish is gorgeous.. BUT.. I have to say I am a bit disappointed at the holo-ness of this, seems after I put top coat on, the holo died a bit, but I think I have heard that about holo polishes before.. Correct me if I'm wrong.
  To me, it is weird.. It is not a glitter, or a shimmer, but almost kind of like a flake to me.
Holo or no holo.. This is a beautiful polish.  Application was a breeze and what you see is 2 coats.

With Flash.

Also with flash
Bottle shot.
These next photos are all in fluorescent lighting. 

Next up, I have for you Catherine Arley #672 & what I am claiming to be my very late entry for last weeks entry =) lol
I bought, I believe 12 Catherine Arley polishes from eBay.  I have worn 2 so far, both of them went on spectacularly.  In my opinion they almost have a 'jelly' consistency.  They really flow like a dream.
If you guys don't have any of these polishes, I HIGHLY recommend getting your hands on some.
I want to add about the shine. This is NO top coat. The shine is amazing! 

I wish for both of these I could have given you the holo effect, but unfortunately the sun has not been out much here in Northeastern Pennsylvania =(  Winter is creeping upon us.  (Yay snowflakes)
Don't forget to check out all the other challengers below, leave your comments, I always try to respond and follow back.
Have a great afternoon.