Saturday, October 26, 2013

Mish Mash Challenge - RAINBOW

Hey everyone...
My Mish Mash post is a bit late this week.  Nut to make up for it, I did 2 manis from the theme - RAINBOW.
I love rainbows, but when it was time to do this mani... I drew a blank.  That seems to be the norm lately. 
I have been struggling with a huge decrease in my Vitamin D & my Dr has me on supplements to bring it up.. This deficiency along with my anemia leaves me very tired and drained. I just feel like I have no energy for anything..
Most people I know that if they drink more than 2 cups of coffee they would be wired to death.. Not me.  Also, with drinking of soda or chocolate, etc.. Me.. Well, I can drink and drink and drink or eat and eat and eat with no effect what so ever.  I have even tried those energy drinks.. Nada!
Oh well, on to the first mani.
This is Funky Finger in Jawbreaker.. At first glance this looks like it might be a close dupe to China Glaze It's a Trap-eze.  But, JB has more pastel toned glitters compared to IAT-E.
This is 3 coats of the milky goodness.

 Bottle Shot =)
On my ring finger I made a DIY decal.  It was in the shape of a heart, I used a craft punch to make the shape.  I then applied a white acrylic paint and used pearlescent watercolors to make a pastel rainbow.. Topped off with a coat of Spectraflair.

 Here is a comparison of Orly Elation Generation and Pure Ice Dreamy..
Dreamy is a tad lighter in the bottle and on the paper swatch below, but on the nail they are exact dupes. IMO.

I took this design from Professional DQ.. I love her.. And she always has such great rainbowfied manis..
Check out the inspiration video here.

I am also adding a few other manis that I have done this past week that I did not have the energy to post about..

I hope you enjoyed..
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