Thursday, November 07, 2013

Dupe Alert.. Zoya Dream & LA Girls 3D Effects Brilliant Blue & some random nailings =)

Hey there everyone.
The recent Mish Mash Challenge sported the question to me about Zoya Dream.  I thought to myself that this looks just like the holo LA Girls that was released this summer.
Low and behold I finally got ahold of Zoya Dream and what I have for you today is a comparison of the 2 and my analyziation of the pair.
Zoya - Left
LA Girls Brilliant Blue - Right
In the bottle BB looks to be a smidge darker in color than Zoya.

Zoya is on the middle and pinky.
LA Girls is on the ring and the index.
This is ONE coat

Zoya is on the middle and pinky.
LA Girls is on the ring and the index.
This is ONE coat

Close up view of the ring (LAG) & the middle (Zoya)

Closer up view of the ring (LAG) and the middle (Zoya)

It is my opinion that the 2 of these polishes are in fact dupes.  If you have LA Girls 3D Effects Brilliant Blue and are wanting Zoya Dream, or vise versa, you really don't need to have both.  One will definitely suffice for the other.
Both apply very well, are opaque in 2 coats & have a lot of shine to them with out top coat as seen in all the photos above.
I'd love to hear what you think. . .

Now on to some random goodies from the week.

These were my Halloween nails.  I recently saw THIS video from Colette at My Simple Little Pleasures - I absolutely adore her and her water marbles.
I only did an accent nail because I knew that if I did all 10 nails I would have been elbow deep in polish.  I also thought I had the smallest googly eyes, but apparently I was wrong.  The eyes were a bit to big, but I do like how the over all look turned out.

These are my fox nails inspired by elleandish. Her YouTube tutorial is great.  I opted not to use white as my back ground and went for a more fall like color.. I used Pure Ice Viva Las Vegas.  I drew the leaves the fox and the tail all with acrylic paints.

He was so cute.. I hated to take him off. 

This is my friend Kayla who also fell in love with my foxes, she asked me to put them on her nails.  =)
Thanks for taking a peek.. Have a great night everyone =)