Thursday, August 08, 2013

Sinful Colors Opening Night & Nail Junkie.

Happy Thursday everyone.. I found some new Sinful Colors at Rite Aid the other day & I just needed to try it out.  
This one is called Opening Night.  It is what I would call a Midnight Green.  It has a sort of blueish tone to it.  It is a very beautiful color.  Beware, this does stain skin slightly. As far as nails.. I am unsure. I will find out tomorrow when I remove it.
Anyway, this was pretty much opaque in 1 coat, but I used 2 for the pictures, this is also with NO top coat. 
What a beauty, ehh?

For some extra added sparkle I added a gradient and accent of Sinful Colors Nail Junkie.  It has a blueish tinted base and is pack full of iridescent glitter. Another beauty.  2 coats on the ring finger for accent and just sponged gradient on the remainder of the digits. 

I am not really a fan of green, but this is gorgeous. 
Walgreens has a sale 2 for $3.00 and you can also pick up Silver Screen which was in my Challenge mani here.

Thanks for looking.  Have a great weekend. 
I went polish shopping today and got some real beauties. I will have them for you in the oncoming days.  Check Instagram for the 'hail' photo.. =)