Monday, July 29, 2013

Glittering Zebra

Hey everyone.. I hope you all had a great weekend.
The weekend was pretty blah for me as I had to work, that was until my husband called me yesterday at work & asked if I would like to go to Wilkes Barre to eat & for some nail polish.. I was like, 'YEA' we can definitely do that =D. {{Happy, Happy Dance }}  Anyway that post will be along a little later.

Right now I want to show you all the mani I had on and what it was inspired by.

I work at Micheal's the Arts & Crafts store.  I came upon this border tape while doing some price changes.
The inspiration is on the left & I did a test design on the right. I loved it to say the least.  I like the way this tape looks so much that it is my cell phones unlock screen wallpaper.

The actual design done.  This is Sinful Colors White on White. I used a Cheeky stamp with the Zebra Pattern & then what I did with black acrylic and a striping brush is made the stripes a little bit wider.  After the black was dry, I added a glitter acrylic, it had a white base so I could see what I was doing and where it was going, and then it dried clear.

The glitter acrylic was Fold Art Extreme Glitter in Hologram.  It changes from green to yellow to teal to blue. And like I said it dries clear and actually goes on kind of smooth.

All of the products used in this design were purchased by me.  Application of products were all A+. I will be trying this mani again in another color in the future.

Thank you all for reading =)  Have a great Monday.