Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Neon Summer Gradient ---- FAIL!!!!

Hey everyone =) Today I would like to share what I was hoping would be everything I visioned.. However, it was not =( I wanted this to be bright and sunny, like an awesome oasis sunset.. I used acrylic neon pink & neon yellow as well as Spoiled Jail Bait which is neon orange & Finger Paints Silkscreen Green which obviously by it's name is neon green. All polishes and acrylics where sponged on with a make up sponge. I used Wet & Wild Black Creme for the Palm Tree stamp which is from Winstonia. Application was easy and all colors where vibrant. However, I think I should have omitted the green, I think that is what gave it it's muffed up look that made me unsatisfied. I am now bare nail, pondering the color to put on now. I need to always have something on my nails, other wise I bite them =( They have come a long way, but only if there is polish on them. =) Any who. Here are my sad little pictures

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And if anyone has any ideas on what color or design I should try tonight, please comment cause I am stumped.. I am however thinking holo though =)