Thursday, June 27, 2013

Holy HOLO ;)

I wish the sun would have stayed out just a little bit longer today so that I could have captured the holo in all its wonderful. magical glory.. But when you live in the butt hole of the world, this is what happens...

Heavy rain, thunder, lightning, possible flooding (thank goodness for living at the top of a hill), hail, etc.  But, I guess it could be worst, it could be that cold white fluffy stuff & worst yet.. ICE.

Well anyway, tonight I have on Eternal Beauty from the Color Club Halo Hues collection.  I love this polish. It is also a wonderful polish to use for water marbles.  This is actually the first time I am wearing it by itself.

I LOVE IT!  I have 2012 & 2013 Halo Hues.  All have yet to be tried. I will check this one off the list.  And I will give it an E - for EXCELLENT!

Here are the photos.  These where taken from my Samsung Galaxy in macro setting in my kitchen under 12 fluorescent lights lol.. Don't judge =)  I like to see what I'm cooking and eating.

Love the shine, At least I was able to capture that.  Top Coat would be NYC  Grand Central Station which id their In a NY Minute collection.   It is my favorite top coat of all time.  Especially for being a cheapy.

I might mention that I accented my ring finger using Halo Hues in  Cloud Nine &  Harp on it using a dotting tool.

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