Thursday, January 16, 2014

Dazzle Glaze

**** Disclosure ****
The polishes in this post have been provided to me for my honest review.
The opinions are that of my own & I have not been paid for them.

Hey everyone... Sorry for the absenteeism yet again lol..
Phew. Life has been hectic.
Ok, so I won't blog when my husband is home because that is 'our' time..
He started a new job this week, so now most of my posts will be done during the day instead of at night.  Not like that matters, right ?

So, on to what I have for you today.
Candace from Radiantly Vivacious was kind enough to let me pick out 4 beautiful polishes from her line to review for you..
Today I will be reviewing
Brass Band ( Which I think in my collage photo I renamed for her as Brass Ring lol. Sorry Candace.. IT IS NOT BRASS RING IT IS BRASS BAND lol )
Love Insurance
Flirt & Flounce
Traveling by Bubble ( My favorite )
Dazzle Glaze is a '3 free' polish, always mixed by hand .

On to it, shall we?
First up is Brass Band.. 
Formula is actually very thick, but I had no issues with application
Brass Band is a rose gold colored base with golden flecks and golden holo glitters. Packed with glitters as you can see.. This is 2 coats and a top coat. 

 This next polish is called Love Insurance. 
This was a lot thinner and easier to work with. 
Love Insurance is a Pinkish|Purple shifting Crelly loaded with dark metallic pink and matter glitter.
This is 2 coats & top coat. 

 Next up is Flirt & Flounce.  This makes a great Spring polish & one of the reason I liked it so much.
This one was also a tad difficult to apply just like Brass Band, but with a little patience it went on OK.  I think there are some ripples in the photos because I may have put top coat on a bit to soon before it was dried.  Again, 2 coats & top coat.
Flirt & Flounce is a Pink jelly with green and gold holo glitters.  
Loaded with glitter which is the way I like it =)

Last but not least is my favorite of the 4.. Traveling by Bubble.. 
Traveling by Bubble is a light blue base with silver holo diamonds and hex glitter.
I had no issues with this polish what so ever.. 
Again, 2 coats & top coat. 

Again... First photo is of BRASS BAND not BRASS RING as I called it lol

 Brass Band
Love Insurance
Flirt & Flounce 
Traveling by Bubble.

Dazzle Glaze polishes can be purchased from the Radiantly Vivacious Etsy shop located HERE sold @ $8.50 for a 15ml bottle. 
You can also check out their Facebook page 

Thank you everyone for reading... Please stay tuned.