Sunday, December 22, 2013

My-Stash Lacquer Review - Part 1

**** Disclosure ****
The polishes in this post have been provided to me for my honest review.
The opinions are that of my own & I have not been paid for them.

Hello again everyone... 
See, I may not have been posting, but I have been very busy...

Tonight I also have My-Stash Lacquer that I will be breaking into 2 parts as well. 
Danielle from My-Stash Lacquer has sent me a few polishes to review for her, so tonight I will be reviewing the 2 Christmas ones that she has sent me, in hopes that you all will run over to her shop and purchase some even though the Holiday is fast approaching ..
Her Etsy shop can be located HERE
On to the goodies...

I have done My index & ring fingers in Ugly X-mas Sweater & my pinky & middle in Happy Holidaze.
Here you see one coat & OMG talk about packed with glitter.. The brushes are glooped with glitter, it's amazing.. I mean, look at just 1 coat.
1 coat Ugly X-mas Sweater & this is far from ugly =)
1 coat Happy Holidaze.
Ugly X-mas Sweater Bottle Shot.
Happy Holidaze Bottle Shot.
Here we are with 2 coats.

2 coats Ugly X-mas Sweater
2 coats Happy Holidaze

If you are all in to glitter bombs like I am & like to not have so many layers of glitter on your nails to cover, then My-Stash is the way to go.

She has some pretty awesome polishes.  In the following week after Christmas I will have the other 2 polishes reviewed that she had sent me..
I liked her polishes so much that I went straight over to the Etsy store and bought 3 more, they should be here tomorrow.. I can not wait to show them to you guys.

You can find My-Stash Lacquer & Danielle HERE @ her Etsy shop where you can purchase a 13.2ml bottle of her glittery goodness for $6.00!!!  Whaaaaa?!  Crazy, right?  
She sells here minis for $3.00 & they are 5ml.
You can also find My-Stash HERE on their Facebook page. 

Thank you all for viewing.. I hope you all have a happy and safe Christmas.