Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Randoms =)

Hey everyone, here we are again.. I have a compilation of manis that I have done lol. 
I think I may have to turn this into a weekly thing.. =)
Anyway, first up is a water marble I did using all Sinful Colors.. The names elude me.  But they all worked great.. I believe the orange was Cloud 9 & the yellow was Let's Meet.  I don't remember the red =(

I used Sinful Colors Leap Frog on a few of them and then decided I did not like it lol... It was supposed to mimic fall leave, even though it really didn't I was still pleased with the out come.
This is Hard Candy Crush on Lava..
Absolute gorgeous color. 

I freehanded a pumpkin and some leaves.. the image on the pinky is supposed to be a squirrel that I stamped on and colored in.  I guess he looks OK. 
That is all for now lovelies..
I hope you all have a great evening..