Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Mish Mash Challenge - TRAINGLE

Hi again, everyone..  I am back to post my Mish Mash Challenge mani now. 
 I hope everyone is having a good week thus far.

This mani again had me stumped.. I did not have any clue what I wanted to do, or how =(  I came across this photo on Pinterest & decided that I will give it a go...
I started off with a base color of Sinful Colors Silver Belle - this is part of their 2013 Holiday collection which go figure, I have not even been able to locate the Halloween or fall ones yet in any of my stores, I recently bought a few Halloween ones from eBay
Oh, I apologize about the dirt on my hand lol. I was at work and figured I better snap the photo before I start taking price tags off the rack and mess it all up.
Silver Belle is a weird polish.. It has a shimmery base which has a look to it that I can not describe.  It is sheer yet opaque looking.  Maybe a jelly?  IDK.  It also has silver hex glitters in it that do not get lost with in the second coat.  This is 2 coats. 
Using Scotch tape I taped a triangle on each of my nails and filled it in with Barielle Swizzle Stick, then removed the tape while it was still wet.

I took a striping brush and used Sinful Colors Hot Spot to fill in the smaller dark blue triangle.  Hot Spot is a beautiful, deep, shimmering blue.. It went on nice & smooth. 

For the final triangle and the glitter I used Kleancolor Puppy Love which is like and aqua colored glitter in a clear base. I added a black rhinestone which I ordered off of eBay and sealed it with top coat. 

I hope you enjoyed my triangle mani.. I am looking forward to see what my other mani-kateers thought of..
Please do the same.