Friday, October 04, 2013

Waterless Marble

Happy Friday, everyone.. 
I wish you all a wonderful weekend. 

I was bored yesterday so I thought I would try something that I have not tried before.. 
I am not sure what the correct name for this design is, but it is a waterless marble, I think I have even seen them called 'drag'.
Anywho.. This is when you leave your first layers of polish wet & make randoms drops with other colors.  Then while everything is still wet, you gently take an orange stick, tooth pick, pin, dotting tool, or whatever you can think of and swirl it around.. Kinda like if you were making a marbled cheescake. =)
The colors I used for this were..
Sinful Colors Snow Me White & My Turn.
Pure Ice Crazy Love
Color Club Gift of Sparkle. 
Again, apologies for the bad shape my hands are in =(

Thanks for looking and  have a great weekend.. I'll see you all back here on Monday.