Thursday, October 10, 2013

Finger Painted Ombre`

Hi everyone...
Tonight I am going to share with you Tuedays mani.. =)
This is an ombre that I did after asking a friend what color to paint my nails.. She said a light and dark purple gradient..
So, here it is.
I used for this..
Loreal Lilac Cooler for the lightest color.
Finger Paints Itsy Bitsy Spider for the medium.  This is an odd polish because the shimmer in the bottle looks purple, but on the nail it is blue.  *weird*
Spoiled Vamp n Vinyl for the darkest purple.
For the glitter accent I used China Glaze Marry a Millionaire.
These colors were all sponged on, especially Marry a Millionaire.  I got very even coverage doing it this way..

Hope you all enjoyed.
Have a great evening.