Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Orly - Sparkling Garbage

Hi everyone... 
So yesterday I posted a comment on my Facebook page asking if it should be Sparkling Garbage or Miss Conduct.   I had 3 people tell me Sparkling Garbage, lol it was a unanimous vote lol.

So, I put S.G. on.  It was on my untried list, so I was happy to pull it out and give it a whirl.
Sparkling Garbage is from Orly'd Mash Up collection which was released I believe Spring 2013.  Out of the collection, S.G. was the one I had my eyes on.  I have since then been able to pick up all but 2 form the collection that have been on clearance at either Sally's or Ulta. 
This post is somewhat pic heavy because I am just in awe of the awesomeness of this polish.  It has truly amazed me. 
Here we go. . . .
This is S.G in nothing but a street light, indirect I might add. Amazing how it sparkles under the least light conditions.  

Full sun. 

Full sun.

Florescent light. 


I think this was just daylight, no sun. 

And again, daylight, no sun. 

Full sun, blurred for the light show.

Full sun. 

Full sun, blurred. Look at all that sparkling awesomeness.

Full sun. 

More blurry eye candy. 

Full sun, different angle. 

So there you have Sparkling Garbage from Orly. I hope you all enjoyed. Stick around for my blog post tomorrow. It is week 3 of Kimber's Mish Mash Challenge.  Wear some shades, because we are going metallic. I can't wait to show you what I am going to do.. 
Have a happy & safe night.