Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Mish Mash Challenge - Green

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Hey everyone..
Happy Hump Day.
I hope everyone's week is going good thus far.
Since it is Wednesday it is time again for the Mish Mash Challenge & yes, I know I have been absent for quite some time from this challenge, but I assure you all that I am back to finish the last few weeks.

So this weeks Challenge theme was  GREEN.

So I have today a comaprison of 2 polishes that I thought were very similar and... Actually are quite close.. Like with in a hair ..  
You guys be the judge!

They are both deep dark green, blackened base polishes with a golden shimmer.

I have used 2 coats of Revlon "Rain Forest" & 2 coats of Sinful Colors Sinful Shine "Amazonian"
Also, 1 coat of top coat.
Sinful is on my pinky, index, and thumb & Revlon is on my middle & ring fingers.

Closer image of my ring & pinky fingers.. 

The only difference I see in the 2 and is only visible in certain lighting is that Revlon has a more golden fleck to it that is more prominent than in the Sinful.  It could be because the flecks in Revlon seem larger and in Sinful they are more micro.
Also, in the bottle they both seem to have a bluish shift depending on the way you turn the bottle.. This shift was not noticeable on the nail at all.

Had to do some stamping with Color Club's Kismet and a plate from the Born Pretty Store.  Which can be purchased HERE for $2.99

My stamping is getting better, ehh? lol
Now.. How about a few winter sun shots since it played nicely today.
Didn't do Jack for the temperature though =(

Well, that it all for today... 
I hope you all enjoyed..
Make sure to check out all the other ladies that are still participating as well .. 

Have a great day =)