Monday, November 25, 2013

Glitter Lambs Polish

***The polishes in this post were sent to me to give my personal opinion***
Hi everyone..
Tonight I have 3 gorgeous glitter polishes that were sent to me to review from Jamie & Kara @ Glitter Lambs Polish.
Glitter Lambs is a mother/daughter polish company... They love glitter and making polishes.  They also have a few other webistes/blogs that they manage as well. A Children's Ministry & a Rustic Wedding site to name a few.
They love to dapple in handmade and custom cosmetics, DIY Bedroom Decorations & Tips, Cosmetics, etc.
Their blog @ has random ideas & product reviews for polish & makeup. 
They are trying to move into becoming a supplier of solvent resistant glitter..
They are the greatest set of girls.
Let's get on to the polishes.
Here we have Cotton Candy.
It is a glitter topper with iridescent hex, smaller pink, and pink flower glitter.
You want to talk about glitter bombs.  Glitter Lambs Polish is just that.  These are amazing glitter polishes. The pictures are 2 coats SPONGED.  And 1 coat of top coat.  The flower glitter lays smooth with no lift and even with out top coat, it dries rather smooth.

I did this over various base coats.
Index is Sinful Colors 24/7
Middle is Orly Liquid Vinyl
Ring is Sinful Colors Snow Me White
& Pinky is Bare.
Next we have Melted Crayon. This is a yellow hex with metallic purple shards.  Again, photos are 2 coats SPONGED and 1 coat of top coat.  This is no different than Cotton Candy. 

Index - Sinful Colors Innocent
Middle - Orly Liquid Vinyl
Ring - Sinful Colors Snow Me White
& Pinky - Bare.
Last, but not least we have VIP Only.  Another gorgeous glitter bomb!  VIP Only has Black, Pink, Silver Bars, Gold Bars, Black Dots, & Pink Flower Glitter. And once again 2 coats SPONGED, 1 coat top coat.  Jst like Cotton Candy all the flower glitter and the bar glitters lay flat..

Index - Sinful Colors Flirting Nails
Middle - Orly Liquid Vinyl
Ring - Sinful Colors Snow Me White
& Pinky - Bare.
Another great thing about Glitter Lambs Polish, is that I had no problems removing any of them.  I didn't need to soak, pick, or scrub the glitter off.
I give Glitter Lambs a 10 out of 10.
This polish is absolutely amazing, especially for those of us who adore glitter..
Glitter Lambs Polish is available here on their Etsy store..
15 ML for $5.95
They also have a few Limited Edition colors available for $10.00
And various solvent resistant glitter available as well..
Jamie & Kara have given me a special code to give all of you if you would like to order any of their polishes/
Use GLITTER10 at the check out for 10% off.  Tell them Jenna sent you =)
You can also find Glitter Lambs at their other Social Media sites listed below..
Twitter for Glitter Lambs
Pinterest For Glitter Lambs Cosmetics-
Pinterest For Glitter Lambs-
Facebook For Glitter Lambs Cosmetics
Facebook For Glitter Lambs
Thank you all for reading.
Have a great evening