Monday, July 01, 2013

Salon Perfect - Exploded

Hey everyone. 
I wanted to put something simple on my nails today because if I have bare nails I tend to bite & fidget with them.  I wanted something fairly easy because it will be removed on Wednesday so that I can do them for the 4th of July.  (Woohoo).  I don't mind the 4th and the fireworks, but my poor Sheltie Niki absolutely is terrified by them.  She hides in the tub.  =(  Poor thing.

One of these days I will post photos of my 4 fur babies. The light of my life.  All you pet owners out there know what I am talking about ;)

Tonight I photographed my nails a bit differently.  First, I am trying to watermark all of them, (not that mine are worth stealing, but hey, I guess you never know, right?) And secondly I borrowed a technique that I really liked from Essie Rae. I think it showcases the nails GREAT.  Many thanks to Essie for allowing me to 'borrow' this technique.. Go check her out, she is awesome =)

Exploded by Salon Perfect to me looks orange and yellow tiny matte glitter. But in actuality it is PINK not orange.. Who knew your eyes would play games on you.  I found that coverage was great, I got opacity in 2 coats.  This polish is packed with glitter.  You can find this at Walmart, for around $3.98.

Here we go....

Do you guys like my watermark?  Is it to much or to small?

And also, here is 9000 rhinestones for your viewing pleasure that I got off eBay from art-la-lic

That's a lot of rhinestones, ehh?  =)
That is all for tonight.  Thanks for stopping by =)